How to Make Solar Cell – Basic Materials Needed


Measuring out the Copper Sheet

Making a solar panel is a fun task. However, Gathering up all of the materials may not seem so fun ;) Luckily, there really isn’t that many materials needed in making a homemade solar cell. Here, I will go over some of the basic materials needed:

  1. Copper Sheet – These sheets run for about $5 per square foot so they aren’t too expensive. You can pick these up at just about any hardware store.
  2. Basic Tools – You will need some basic household items and tools like nails, a hammer, and sheers to cut the copper.  I hear some guides call for a little salt and water to treat the copper coating.
  3. Hardware – You will need some mounting materials used to mount your solar panel. You may need an extra set of hands when putting up the solar panel. My son helped me put mine up and it wasn’t difficult at all.
  4. A Micro-ammeter – I thought this sounded fancy and expensive at first, but it’s just a simple device used to measure the electric current. These can be found a hardware stores and electronic stores like RadioShack.

These are the basic materials needed when making your own solar panels. These materials can be bought for pretty cheap at hardware stores, and you may even already have a lot of them.

The guide I used shows exactly what materials I needed and what to do with them. It practically took me by the hand and showed me step-by-step what to do :)

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